Why volunteer?

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Why volunteer?

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August 6, 2015

By Jennifer Knoeber, Jericho Road Dallas Executive Director

I’ve worked in volunteer management for over 12 years, so I’ve seen the best and the worst of volunteers. But they all had one thing in common: they were giving their time, helping the community. I’ll take it.

Of the 1.1M or so public charities in the U.S., 75% have revenues under $500,000 (National Center for Charitable Statistics). Lots of numbers, but what does that mean? Most nonprofits cannot serve as many people without volunteers. So why volunteer? Because your help really can make the difference between one more person receiving help or not.

These days, I’m particularly focused on skilled volunteering. The professional skills a volunteer has developed make the difference between a nonprofit surviving and thriving. Give skilled volunteering a try! The learning curve is much less, you’ll deliver something the nonprofit may otherwise have to go without, and you’ll become more deeply familiar and engaged with the nonprofit. If you’re still in the work force, research shows you’ll be a more productive employee (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy). If you’re retired, then skilled volunteering is a fantastic way to keep your brain active and learning. A great bonus in skilled volunteering: there’s a high likelihood you can volunteer virtually, so if the hours you are available are early on Sunday morning or late on a Wednesday night, you can still help.

Regardless of the daily news, when you volunteer, you can wake up hopeful, knowing that you’re doing something good to help the community. That is something you can do: make your corner of the world better. Even if you’re not 100% sure, start small to find out. When you volunteer, you’re part of the solution. So sign up today!

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