Why do I volunteer?

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Why do I volunteer?

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August 27, 2015

By Hannah Flaherty, Jericho Road Dallas volunteer

Why volunteer? The answer is easy for me. I volunteer because I want more out of life than just the normal definition of success. In our society, success means making enough money to have all the things your heart desires; however,  I believe success means doing what you love everyday for the rest of your life. I love writing, and I love helping others. Volunteering provides an opportunity for me to do what makes me happy and help others. My hope is that by volunteering I can grow as a person as well as help others in any way possible.
I believe volunteering is important because this world needs caring people. Volunteering means devoting your free time to an organization that benefits from your time. In addition, other people also benefit from the effort put forth by all the volunteers.

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