Why do I blog?

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Why do I blog?

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July 23, 2015

By Michael Bigelow, Jericho Road Dallas Volunteer

I blog for people who are sometimes afraid to express themselves in a positive way. In my life it’s been a struggle for people I meet and come into contact with to be whom they really are with no fear of rejection. This battle is one I believe we all must fight and I want to show people that they can push through any barrier that stands in their way. But where do we get this type of training from? Is there one person that teaches this class?

Secondly, I blog for my family to show them I won’t give up on my dreams. My desire to be a great role model has brought me along different paths and turns these past two years and I just want to tell them I love them and thank them for their continuous support.

Another reason I blog, is for people who want to make a change in their life but the environment and influences around only help them inch closer down paths overflowing with pain and destruction. I shed tears for souls who never had a chance at a stable home or good support system. What does someone do in this situation? What is the success rate for people in these environments to make it out and succeed?

Lastly I blog for the moments of inspiration. Let’s say a teacher visits a student’s home who is having trouble in class with Math. This small gesture can transform a student’s life. Furthermore, while attending college I have come to value and appreciate teachers that treat students as though they can become someone that nations can be proud of. Even though moments of feeling inspired come and go, how glorious would it be to bottle that energy up and reproduce a limitless amount, tailor made for anyone going through non inspiring times?

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