Tips for Volunteers

Congratulations on taking the first step to volunteer with Jericho Road Dallas! We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise to improve our great community!

Here are useful tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are not sure whether a particular skill is well-developed, give consideration to how much additional research you would need to do if you were responsible for a project requiring that skill at your work place. If you would need to ask quite a few questions of coworkers or refer to online tutorials regularly, you should consider developing the skill further.
  • The nonprofit partners submit applications for assistance. Jericho Road staff will need to e-mail these to you for review. If you don’t frequently check your e-mail, inform the staff. Please be aware that much of the work product is sent via e-mail, so you will need to regularly access it during a project.
  • While many projects may not have a firm deadline, the ideal timeframe is within three to four months. If your schedule does not allow for at least a couple hours per week to devote to a project, you will have a better experience waiting until you do have enough time.
  • If Jericho Road Dallas is your first foray into skilled volunteering, patience is much appreciated. Many of the nonprofit partners work with clients who are in some level of distress and quite frequently work through issues with those clients in addition to meetings and other work.
  • Life happens. If you start a project and circumstances in your life change, contact Jericho Road staff to set up a meeting with your nonprofit partner to discuss how the changes will impact the project.
  • You can never over-communicate. It’s preferable that the majority of communication is done via e-mail for record keeping and project management.

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