Support Jericho Road on North Texas Giving Day!

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Support Jericho Road on North Texas Giving Day!

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September 10, 2015

By David Overton, Jericho Road Dallas Board of Directors President

Over the years I have worked with a handful of large corporations, and with 20 or 30 non-profit organizations, mostly helping their leadership teams to develop strategic plans.   For all of these organizations, well-defined strategic plans are vital to long-term success. But there is a big difference between corporations and non-profits. Corporations can afford the staff and management consultants to help their leaders develop these plans. Most non-profit organizations cannot. As a result, they often operate with unclear strategies.   This creates confusion, impairs execution, and reduces the positive impact these organizations can have in our communities.

This is where Jericho Road comes in. Jericho Road matches professionals with non-profit organizations, providing no-cost access to vital skills, including strategic planning and many others. In just its first year, Jericho Road Dallas has helped a number of organizations, including an adult job training program and an emergency assistance organization, to develop clear and effective strategies.  The leverage is enormous: your donations on North Texas Giving Day Sept. 17 enable Jericho Road to find and manage these opportunities, giving non-profit organizations critical support that in turn enables them to more effectively serve those most in need in our community.

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