Sue Cossman, Lumin Education project

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Sue Cossman, Lumin Education project

Sue is an accomplished finance professional with years of experience in her field. Although she’s spent most of her career working long hours, she’s enjoyed the rewards and challenges her jobs have provided her.

Recently, Sue began looking for a more balanced life — one that would allow her more time to volunteer in her community. But with her busy work schedule, she just couldn’t find the time. That’s when she decided to leave her employer and become a consultant.

Shortly after she resigned, Sue ran into a good friend from the First Unitarian Church of Dallas. When they spoke, her friend told her about a new organization — Jericho Road Dallas— that would give her the chance to use her skills in a new and exciting way.

Sue was intrigued. After doing a little research, she quickly realized that this was just the volunteer opportunity she was looking for. She especially liked the idea of sharing her background in finance on a short-term project — and still make a lasting difference.

“Sometimes it’s hard to see your impact [when you volunteer],” she says. “But with Jericho Road, you get a sense of accomplishment.”

After completing all of the necessary paperwork, Sue began working with Lumin Education, a charter school in East Dallas. As she reflects on choosing her placement site, she says that it just felt like the best fit for her skills and interests.

As her first day approached, Sue imagined that she’d have her work cut out for her — she thought she might even have to overhaul their entire bookkeeping system. But when she arrived, she saw that what the school needed — more than anything else — was someone to provide a fresh perspective.

By the time she was finished, Sue was able to uncover new information and provide recommendations that would help the school better manage its finances in the future. She says she left with the impression that the staff truly valued her contributions.

“They respected my work, which was very rewarding,” she explains.

Looking back on the project, Sue’s grateful for the opportunity to share her skills with a nonprofit like Lumin Education. She knows that it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Jericho Road.

“It’s a great organization,” she says. “I’d like to see it grow.”

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