Online Giving: Is it a Wise Choice?

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Online Giving: Is it a Wise Choice?

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September 3, 2015

By Jennifer Knoeber, Jericho Road Dallas Executive Director

North Texas Giving Day is just two weeks away, and over 2,100 nonprofits are betting that you say online giving IS a wise choice! Jericho Road Dallas is one of those, and we’re one of a small percentage that have our own challenge funds. Every donation is matched 2:1 up to $8,000! Mark your calendars for Sept. 17 from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight!

Online fundraising through an organized giving day like North Texas Giving Day can give donors peace of mind they are investing in a vetted nonprofit. Friends near and far can build a sense of community by participating in online giving events as well. And here in north Texas, we like a challenge to continually outdo ourselves and set records!

The sheer choice of nonprofits can be overwhelming for those new to online giving day events. Definitely do your research. What causes are near to your heart? If you have a vision of what you want the community to look and be like in the future, which nonprofits have programs to support that? Where do you see potential for growth?

What happens when you have limited funds and cannot support all the issues you want? Support Jericho Road Dallas! We’ve partnered with 39 nonprofits in the Dallas Fort Worth area, nonprofits that serve over 1.3 million people annually, with dozens of volunteers delivering over $150,000 in value of services to nonprofits working in arts, advocacy, community development, disabilities, domestic violence, drug addiction, education, emergency services, health, homelessness, human rights, hunger, job training, refugee services, social services, and youth development. These nonprofits have a stronger infrastructure as a result of their partnership with Jericho Road; they are able to more effectively deliver programs to the people who need them most.

Invest with Jericho Road Dallas and know your donation will have a ripple effect across the community, helping not only people today but also those who will need that help in the future. Just visit on Sept. 17!

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