North Texas Giving Day: The Biggest of Online Giving Days

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North Texas Giving Day: The Biggest of Online Giving Days

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September 17, 2015

By Jennifer Knoeber, Jericho Road Dallas Executive Director

North Texas Giving Day is here! Time and again, the community rises to the occasion to raise more money for more great nonprofits each year. The can-do attitude makes this community a great place in which to live!

Donating in an organized Day of Giving such as North Texas Giving Day will give you confidence your donation is going to a qualified nonprofit with a majority of its activities in the local area. What an array of choices this year! Over 2,000 nonprofits signed up to participate, and Communities Foundation of Texas has secured more than $2M in matching funds for all qualified donations. Just over 10% of the nonprofits—including Jericho Road Dallas—secured their own challenge funds. So all day long, your donation, your investment in the community, is amplified by additional dollars. With Jericho Road Dallas, your $100 becomes $300 to us! It can’t get better than that!

With such a choice of nonprofits, when you want to support as many issues as possible, where do you start? Start with Jericho Road Dallas! Our partner nonprofits serve well over 1M people each year, working on issues such as hunger, health care, housing, education, homelessness, domestic violence, emergency services, community development, disabilities, youth development, social services, job training, arts, refugee services, youth development and advocacy. We work with nonprofits that focus on the issues close to your heart. These nonprofits have greater capacity thanks to Jericho Road Dallas volunteers; they can more effectively deliver programs to the people who need them most, making the community better for everyone.

Spread the word with your family and friends, build a sense of community together, and participate in the largest online giving day in the country! Invest with Jericho Road Dallas so your donation will have a ripple effect across the community. Rest easy knowing you’ll be helping not only people today but those who will need that help in the future.

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