How does this benefit me?

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How does this benefit me?

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July 16, 2015

By Kim Stock, Jericho Road Dallas Volunteer

“Welcome, everybody! How are you all doin’ today? What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you! I said, How are you doing today?” Every Sunday, I would shout this into a microphone in an attempt to be heard over the chatter of 20 preschool age children. The kids would scream louder than the time before, hoping that their parents could hear them across the building.

We played, we sang, we danced, and we told stories. Each week I developed new relationships with fellow volunteers and the students we taught. I cherished every second of it.

I signed up to be a volunteer because I wanted to make a difference, but it was harder than I anticipated. I was guilty of thinking about myself in the beginning. How long do I have to be there? I am too tired; what will happen if I don’t show up? What is expected of me? Or even: How does this benefit me?

When the kids lined up go back to their parents, their goodbyes started out as shy smiles and the occasional wave. Then, the waves turned to bear hugs and simple words of appreciation: “Bye, Miss Kim! See you next week!” Just like that, I was hooked. I began to realize I was part of something bigger than myself.

In the eyes of those preschoolers, I was a role model, a friend, someone they looked forward to seeing. I had found something meaningful.

That was the first time I volunteered, and I haven’t been able to stop since. I stayed in that position for a few years before I moved on to other opportunities, but those Sunday morning’s is where it all started. Working with those children taught me my capacity for passion, love, and patience.

In order to make an impact you have to be willing to get involved. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to give back to your community in ways only you can. You can bring your talents, anything from graphic design to web development to local organizations in need of your help. Every helping hand counts.


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