How can we best address poverty?

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How can we best address poverty?

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Oct. 29, 2015

Hannah Flaherty, Jericho Road Dallas volunteer

Poverty is an ongoing problem throughout the U.S. Some areas are worse than others due to jobs leaving and the rate of minimum wage. Growing up, my family was not rich by any means, but my parents did the best they could to support their children. However, it isn’t the same for all families. My husband grew up in Garland, TX. His parents were divorced and his dad had to support Sean and his sister. The stories he has told me about his childhood, makes me realize that his dad struggled to make enough to live on plus feed his two children. Eventually, when Sean was older, his dad found a better paying job that helped with the cost of living.

It is expensive to live in Dallas. My apartment here in Oklahoma that costs $600 a month, would cost me $1200 a month in Dallas. People say the salary wages are higher in this area, but if that is true, why does poverty still exist in this area? I’m not saying that minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour, but I think a more realistic, livable amount would be nice.

When you are driving in Dallas or in Dallas County, it is fairly obvious which areas are poverty stricken. The area in Garland that Sean’s dad lives in, is a nice, classy neighborhood, but on the other side of town, it obvious to the eye that it is a lesser salary community.

I think a way to help resolve the current poverty issues is in the youth of our nation. Our economy is not a manufacturing economy anymore, we are a service economy, which means it is higher training jobs, for the most part. Encouraging and instilling the love of learning into the youth of poverty stricken cities will provide a brighter future for the economy. Lowering the rates of high school dropouts, and providing positive influences in these neighborhoods would have a huge impact.


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