How can we best address poverty?

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How can we best address poverty?

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Nov. 19, 2015

RJ Metzger, Jericho Road Dallas volunteer

I think that there are two main phases of addressing poverty as a society. I will address both of these issues conceptually because I think that the blog posts before mine are so well worded and provide good statistics that I don’t want to regurgitate their information.

The Path to Lessening Future Poverty

While I think that dealing with the symptoms of poverty is a wonderful and necessary part of addressing this issue, as it will be my second topic below, I think that we need to address the root source. Much like a doctor attempting to fix an illness, I think that treating the symptoms is important and truly necessary, however, it’s not the cure. Cures are very rare and precious, and in the case of poverty I don’t see a true cure, however, we can fight one of the main causes. Our education system is in a sad state of affairs. When one’s education is limited, doors are slammed in their faces at an alarming rate.

As it stands now, there are many efforts to increasing the quality of education in impoverished communities, but these are simply not funded, supported, or pursued enough. Simply put, our nation’s education system is not on par as a whole, and this will sustain poverty for a long while. So, I feel that more of an effort towards reform and improvement in this regard is paramount, and those that are able, should volunteer efforts and resources to this as it’s as pertinent as food and shelter in the long run.

How We Can Address Poverty in the Now

I know that there are many great people, organizations, and initiatives addressing these things as best as they can. Some non-profits that work with Jericho Road and benefit from our volunteers are doing their part as well. So, the idea behind what needs to be done is not lost. If someone needs food, feed them. If they require shelter or clothing, we as a society should provide for them as well. There are many great ways to accomplish these things, and we should devote far more resources to doing them and not trusting the tax dollar to accomplish it.

Beyond this, it’s finding that extra dollar, that extra hour, or that extra piece of clothing, and going out of one’s way to make the difference. Small actions add up over time, and we each need to help in our own ways.

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