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Page Tucker – Christ’s Family Clinic

Christ’s Family Clinic first opened its doors in 2003. The belief in the Clinic’s mission, to provide high-quality health care to the uninsured, is what made Page Tucker decide to join as Director of Operations last spring.

Not long before Page came on board, Christ’s Family Clinic had recently gone through a major change. For more than a decade, the Clinic had worked under the umbrella of CitySquare — a local nonprofit organization committed to serving the poor in Dallas. But in 2013, the Clinic became it’s own, separate nonprofit. When this happened, Page says a huge need emerged to be able to communicate the Clinic’s message to its many stakeholders.

“We were basically starting over from scratch,” she says.

When Page learned about Jericho Road, she knew just what Christ’s Family Clinic needed. The Clinic had no marketing materials — including printed brochures and other collateral — that could be shared with potential donors, patients and for general public relations purposes. To help accomplish this goal, Jericho Road provided an entire volunteer creative team made up of three, talented individuals who provided writing, design and photography support for the project.

Page recalls that working with Jericho Road volunteers was very collaborative, which she genuinely appreciated. She enjoyed feeling as though the volunteers were personally invested in making the project a success, which, in the end, it was.

“[The project] went so well that we’re doing another project with Jericho Road as we speak,” she says.

Because she had such a great experience working with Jericho Road, Page isn’t shy about encouraging other nonprofit leaders to use their services as well. She knows that those who do will be matched with individuals who are extremely professional and will ensure a seamless process from beginning to end.

Page, like so many other members of the non-profit community served by Jericho Road, is grateful to have the help in her organization’s time of need.

“We love them,” she says. “I can’t say enough positive things about them.”

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