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What our Volunteers are Saying…

Volunteering is an easy way to give back to the nonprofits that I truly believe in. As we have been taught it is wiser to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish.  There are so many talented professionals out there who have the inclination and time to volunteer and/or give that it is a great thing to be on their to-do list for 2015 or their ta-da list for life!

–Pam Venne


I support Jericho Road Dallas because of passion the staff and board members have for the mission of the organization. They help draw attention to the needs of the nonprofit community and provide meaningful ways to make a difference that utilize an individual’s skill set.

–Catherine Leo


Many nonprofits don’t have the budget to hire staff or outside consultants to do a technology assessment or facilitate a strategic plan, for example. But the programs nonprofits deliver help improve our whole community over time, so it makes sense to focus our work to give them access to volunteers who can help.

–Fran Eichorst

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Sue Cossman, Lumin Education project

Sue is an accomplished finance professional with years of experience in her field. Although she’s spent most of her career working long hours, she’s enjoyed the rewards and challenges her jobs have provided her.

Recently, Sue began looking for a more balanced life — one that would allow her more time to volunteer in her community. But with her busy work schedule, she just couldn’t find the time. That’s when she decided to leave her employer and become a consultant.

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