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Jericho Road Dallas bridges communities by matching the professional talents of volunteers with the needs of community-based nonprofit organizations to promote community development, strengthen social services, and enrich the lives of volunteers.
Through a proven process, we build relationships with skilled volunteers and local nonprofits. Volunteers employ their professional skills to complete short-term, results-driven projects that Dallas nonprofits could not otherwise afford. After matching the right volunteer with the right nonprofit project, exceptional project management ensures a positive experience.

Once you submit the application below, the Executive Director will contact you to set up a time to meet at your facility and learn more about your organization.

Name of nonprofit organization

Organization Address:




Zip Code


Contact Person for your Project




Email address

Executive Director of your organization



Email address

What is your organization's mission statement?

List the types of services your organization provides and the constituents it serves.

Does your organization have IRS 501(c)3 status? If not, what is the status?

Annual organizational budget

Number of paid staff

Number of board members

Approximate number of volunteers in your organization (not including board)

How many clients do you serve per year?

What is the specific challenge for which you need assistance?

What is the major deliverable for this request? (What will be produced - e.g. plan, document, database, website, newsletter, handout, etc.?)

What are the project objectives? Include both short and long-term objectives. Examples: Short-term outcomes: website is upgraded; two staff members trained in maintaining, updating the website. Long-term outcomes: website usage increases by x%, staff post new material to website on a regular basis.

What are the skills that would be most effective for you project objectives? Examples: accounting, copywriting, database design and upgrades, fundraising, graphic design, marketing, strategic planning, website design, etc.

What has prevented the challenge from being resolved to date?

Please state deadline for completion and what is driving the deadline

What organizational resources (e.g. staff, money, etc.) can you commit to this project? Please describe.

Please provide any comments or additional information that can help Jericho Road Dallas better understand your needs. If you have data or information that can help a JRD volunteer become more informed about your specific needs and plans, please email them to

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